New Bourjois Colour Boost.

Hey everyone !

We enjoyed the end of the sales with B. to buy some new little stuff ! And among these, we had a crush on the brand Bourjois and their Colour Boost. I so bought the shade 01 – Red Sunrise, and B. 06 – Plum Russian.

To sum up how the brand describes it, it is a waterproof lip crayon with SPF15, giving a « luminous, easy-to-wear colour ».

With B. we saw each other again the following day, so that we could share our first impressions on it, and surprisingly enough, we had the exact same comments !

Color Boost

First of all, the smell. is. perfect : fruity, totally Summer-y. Then, the application is the easiest, because it is a jumbo. I personally contour my lips with it before filling them up, and if I am in a hurry or if I do not want to put that much color, a couple of passages on my lower lip does the trick ! And to talk about the color, the two we have (a red and a purple one) are really beautiful, and their intensity is easily controlled with the number of passages done.
Then, it is said the product stays on 10h. I cannot deny it or anything, but it does stay on for a long time : indeed, the product does not move at all ! I’m used to reapply some after lunch, even if the color is still there. The only-lips-contouring look can appear easily with me, and I hate it !
Another good point, the product has a little glossy finish but without its stickyness. Like, not sticky at all. So, I’m sorry but to me, the not-moving not-sticking gloss is a must-have !

Color Boost

The only bad thing we found, is that after a few hours (many hours, let’s be honest), it will start to get sticky. Not in the too-much-gloss-on sticky, but the been-worn-for-some-time-already-and-starting-fading kind of sticky ; and that can be very unpleasant.
Well, the solution is simple, when it happens to me (or as said before, after eating), I remove what is still on because I do not like the feeling nor the finish if I just reapply it over (I think it then stays on less and it can do lumps more easily) ; then I reapply it. So it is very easy to get round the issue.

If you want it, you can find all Colour Boost shades on Bourjois website, or in your local Monoprix and Sephora stores !

M. & B.


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