LUSH Gorgeous & Charity Pot.

Hey there !

It has been a while we did not come and upload a bit, but I had exams and M. was really busy. We are here today to talk about two LUSH creams: Gorgeous and Charity Pot.

We bought Charity Pot for the first time two weeks ago. It is described as « an all-round body lotion that does a lot of good, and not just to your skin ». All the benefits made from this cream directly go to charity, hence the name.
The first thing I noticed about it, and I seriously thought I was going crazy, is its smell. I could swore it smelled like chocolate ! Looking at the pot more carefully, I noticed Fair trade cocoa butter. One for you LUSH ! They also indicate Ylang ylang oil and almond oil as part of the product.
The cream is soft, and the chocolate scent vanishes as soon as it dries up. It makes me come to say the cream really is rich, and regarding it’s a body lotion, I personnally love to put it on my legs after shaving, or on dry hands in Winter.
It comes at a bit less than 8.5€/100, in three packagings : 10g, 95g, or 240g.

As for Gorgeous, it is also a very rich moisturiser. You will see when you use it, but a knob really is enough. In plus it is an antioxidant. Described as « the ultimate moisturiser packed with the very best ingredients to revive and brighten », it is made from pineapples, limes and oranges, orange blossom honey water and neroli essential oil. It is absolutely exquisite ! It is really soft and the smell is very light and discret. It leaves you, you can guess, feeling absolutely gorgeous ! I love putting it on my face after removing my make-up and before going to sleep ! My face feels immediately smooth, and it is a real pleasure !
It is on the other hand much more expensive than Charity Pot, coming at approximately 135.5€/100g, but it can be used up to two or three months (I think it can last longer but it might not be very good to the product).

To sum it up, I would say I recommend Charity Pot if you have a small budget, wish to donate to charity and get a kind of bonus, or want an all-in-one cream, but to choose Gorgeous if your budget is larger and you need a very nourishing cream for your face ; both could also be turned into a great gift idea !

We will come back sooner this time, we hope you enjoyed this article !

B. & M.