[Review] Continuous Strength treatment by Sally Hansen

So I’ve been trying out Sally Hansen Continuous Strength treatment for the past week. My nails were really done, so I thought a little break would be a good thing ! This treatment got some good reviews, from what I have read, so I decided to try it out.

To start, I cut my nails short. I am not used at all to do this, I do not like the feeling of cutting nails, but when there is a need, there is a need. And cutting them can only help me having stronger nails after !

I have so began my cure on the evening of the 21st of February, and for more regularity decided to apply it between 9pm and 10pm each day. I used the same pattern as a lot of nail treatments : putting a coat of it each day for two days, removing it all on the third, and doing the cycle again. I somehow changed the pattern though, by applying a coat for three days, removing it the morning on the fourth to start the cycle again in the evening, to let my nails rest for at least twelve hours ; but it was my personal choice, many people are very content with the three-day cycle.

Here are some pictures of the first night :
the quality isn’t that good, nor the lightning. « night », I said, alright?

First night

I don’t find the smell strong if you’re not smelling it right off of the bottle, but I know some people out there do. Despite it, I got a bit of a headache after using it for the very first time, but I don’t know if it was a Placebo effect after reading some reviews, or if it was the smell bothering me for real. Still, I’m pretty used to headache in general, but I was fine all the other nights.

sixth night, enjoy! Still a pretty bad quality/lightning, sorry.


Otherwise, the treatment dries very fast, which can be useful. The clear formula doesn’t make the nails very shinny, but we have to keep in mind it is not a base coat but only a care ; still, I find it enough when you do not want to nor can put any polish on (like me for now) but on the other hand cannot bear bare nails (like me, for ever).

And now, the results !
sorry about the quality of the first picture, once again. I kind of messed up with the camera.


I’ve been using this non-stop for twelve days now. My nails grew back, and I can feel them stronger. Of course, it is not all perfect yet : some are still a bit broken, but I needed to let them grow back a bit to cut again. Some are still not fully healed, obviously. Some are still a little bit more fragile than others.

But, I am on the path to recovery ! I’m gonna keep using the treatment for a good ten days or so (probably until my brithday, mid-March), just to be sure. I am also going to take an appointment at a beautician, to have them do me a little manicure to get all my nails filed the same way and to the same length.

To conclude this little test, I would say to use this treatment : I certainly think it is a good one. There are probably better ones out there, and I might try others if needed and not stay stuck on the Sally Hansen, but this one suited me perfectly and the results on my nails are pleasant to see !

But you need to remember one thing above all : it is all about the patience to do a full treatment. It has been hard for me to stop putting nail polish for so long, and it is harder on the days I don’t have the treatment and see my nails totally naked. But it was needed, so if you got poor-looking, broken, fragile nails ? Do a treatment.