[Review] LUSH Fresh Face Mask : Catastrophe Cosmetic.

Hello Madie shippers !

B. and I are coming back today with a little review for one of LUSH Fresh Face Masks : Catastrophe Cosmetic ! It was our first time with LUSH masks, and it happened mostly because I personally wanted to try them out. My first choice was Cupcake, but the seller ended up convincing us with CC.
The website and pot were both clear : blueberries, calamine, chamomile, rose & almond oils to soothe, soften, clean and moisturise the face in a calming mask ! It is also advised to use it right when it gets out of the fridge, for a chilling effect.
Of course LUSH masks are supposed to last approximately a month, but being two using it, it lasted us for about twenty days.


The how-to is easy : we put on the face a good layer of the product. Simple. In practice, not so much but we’ll get right back at that in a minute !

Our first impression was overall positive : the product smells very good, totally the scent of a yogurt, and it was a real pleasure. It felt also pretty fresh, like it was supposed to and on an irritated skin (like mine on some bad days) it is a welcome feeling.

Now, about the application.. well, it is cold, so at first, it is kind of surprising, whether it being on the fingers or on the face. And when you get used to it, it becomes obvious it is difficult to apply the mask because of its consistence : it is thick, hard because of its time in the fridge, and it is not easy to take bits of it to use.
The second time we used it, we let it rest a bit outside to get an easier application.
Also, the need to put on a good layer of the product : because it is hard to apply, it is impossible to get an even layer on the face ; this way you avoid holes more easily.

After the application, you are supposed to wait around ten, fifteen minutes to rinse it off. It is ten, fifteen minutes we had hoped to use in a good way, but it soon became obvious any movement was prohibited.
The mask dries really quickly on the face, and like mentioned before, contains clay. As a result, it crumbles.
At first, it is only clay dust. Then, half your face falls down. You’re welcome.


You also have to rinse it off correctly. Pay attention to any « hairy » area : on your forehead near your hair, your eyebrows.. where the mask tends to get stuck.
We also used a moisturiser the first day, but it is not mandatory, and we did not feel the need to use it the other times either.

Afterward, the skin feels really smooth and even gets a little powdery finish.
I still want to try Cupcake, but our first experience with LUSH masks was pleasing. I totally want to get another mask to try and use and to compare it. B. thinks it was good yet not a miracle : it is rather simple to use and everyone can do so easily. It can also be a good thing in a routine, but the crumbling effect was not of her taste.

Do not hesitate to tell us your opinions if you have tried it !
LUSH Fresh Face Masks are available at your local LUSH store or on LUSH website, for 11€45/75g.

M. & B.