New Bourjois Colour Boost.

Hey everyone !

We enjoyed the end of the sales with B. to buy some new little stuff ! And among these, we had a crush on the brand Bourjois and their Colour Boost. I so bought the shade 01 – Red Sunrise, and B. 06 – Plum Russian.

To sum up how the brand describes it, it is a waterproof lip crayon with SPF15, giving a « luminous, easy-to-wear colour ».

With B. we saw each other again the following day, so that we could share our first impressions on it, and surprisingly enough, we had the exact same comments !

Color Boost

First of all, the smell. is. perfect : fruity, totally Summer-y. Then, the application is the easiest, because it is a jumbo. I personally contour my lips with it before filling them up, and if I am in a hurry or if I do not want to put that much color, a couple of passages on my lower lip does the trick ! And to talk about the color, the two we have (a red and a purple one) are really beautiful, and their intensity is easily controlled with the number of passages done.
Then, it is said the product stays on 10h. I cannot deny it or anything, but it does stay on for a long time : indeed, the product does not move at all ! I’m used to reapply some after lunch, even if the color is still there. The only-lips-contouring look can appear easily with me, and I hate it !
Another good point, the product has a little glossy finish but without its stickyness. Like, not sticky at all. So, I’m sorry but to me, the not-moving not-sticking gloss is a must-have !

Color Boost

The only bad thing we found, is that after a few hours (many hours, let’s be honest), it will start to get sticky. Not in the too-much-gloss-on sticky, but the been-worn-for-some-time-already-and-starting-fading kind of sticky ; and that can be very unpleasant.
Well, the solution is simple, when it happens to me (or as said before, after eating), I remove what is still on because I do not like the feeling nor the finish if I just reapply it over (I think it then stays on less and it can do lumps more easily) ; then I reapply it. So it is very easy to get round the issue.

If you want it, you can find all Colour Boost shades on Bourjois website, or in your local Monoprix and Sephora stores !

M. & B.

L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Miss Manga mascara.

Hello Madie fans !

Thanks to the French website Madmoizelle, I had the opportunity along with 300 other people, to try out the latest l’Oréal Paris Voluminous Miss Manga mascara ! And as they needed a feedback, I thought it would be nice to share it with you as well.

So here we are ! The mascara is supposed to give enough volume to compete with the girls drawn in mangas, hence the name. It has a black and metallized pink packaging, that for me is a good mix between girly and badass. I quite like it, but the first time I saw it I have to admit the pink side appeared a bit cheap to me ; if I had to bet on which side would break first, I would definitely answer this one.

Another surprise once we open it : the shape of the brush. It is the first time I have a mascara with an that elongated, triangular brush ; the brand describes it as a « cone-shaped 360° flexor brush ». Honestly, it is quite surprising, and I fastly realized what would be my main problem with this product, but I will come back to it in a minute.
The bottle-brush is indeed very flexible. We can notice it in the pictures, and I myself only saw it some days ago when I thought I broke it, but the handle got a little « break » just near the brush, allowing a greater flexibility. I really think it is a good idea, very well-designed.

I had not thought about the smell until now, but what wouldn’t I do for this blog ? And, the smell is not that great : it is paint-like. But as I said, I could not tell until now, so I doubt that the smell is strong once the product is applied ; but it is quite chemical so some sensible eyes might not like it.

Miss Manga

Miss Manga 2

I got the black one. It’s good because it is the most used color, and it is better to be sure that the people who will try it can wear it on a daily basis, because electric blue is not for everyone (unfortunately, I think the blue colors are only available on the French eshop) !

As I mentioned, the brush was a bit of a trouble to me : I am left-handed and not used to turn my wrist to do my right eye. In short, with a « normal » brush I do not get any difficulty, but there the brush is designed in a certain way and it is harder. I so tried everything : turning my wrist around, switching hands, doing it as usual. The result is always the same : with my right eye only I am condamned to put mascara all over my lid or to spend three hours applying it to try and limit the damage because it does lump quite easily if we do not pay enough attention. But it is kind of a personal problem, with only little to do with the product.

Another point : the first Miss Manga is not waterproof. But, now one is because a lot of people asked the brand to do it.
Personally, I do not think I will buy it again to get the waterproof version, on the contrary the one I have is perfect to me ! I am so used to waterproof mascaras, I would even say this one might be my first not resisting against water. And I love it.
I can pull it off very easily ! I tried to do so under the shower : mission accomplished, and without looking like a panda ! So yes, to go to the pool and still look like a mermaid when you get out of the water, it might be a little tricky ; but at least you will not have black eyes either.

Miss Manga

Miss Manga

In itself, I am not sure if the shape of the brush does any help ; I doubt it, to be honest. Yes, the eyeslashes are clearly defined, and the end of the brush, which is smaller, helps to take the smaller lashes, if we are careful -because if we go too fast, put too many layers at once, or if the end is a bit too full of product, I am repeting myself but luuuumps. The color is very intense, too. But volume ? I say no, and I am not the only one.

It is indeed the one thing the testers noticed the most : length is great, but volume not so quite. So for a mascara promising XXL volume directly coming from Japan, it is a bit sad.

But I am not disappointed ! Yes, I would have loved to see the so-promised volume, but length suits me perfectly, and I am very happy about it ! I think it is a great mascara, accessible (less than 8$ in most supermarkets), easy to use and remove.

To everyone who wants to try it, I would say go for it, but it is not a must-have either. And if you tried it already, please leave us your opinion !


[Review] LUSH Fresh Face Mask : Catastrophe Cosmetic.

Hello Madie shippers !

B. and I are coming back today with a little review for one of LUSH Fresh Face Masks : Catastrophe Cosmetic ! It was our first time with LUSH masks, and it happened mostly because I personally wanted to try them out. My first choice was Cupcake, but the seller ended up convincing us with CC.
The website and pot were both clear : blueberries, calamine, chamomile, rose & almond oils to soothe, soften, clean and moisturise the face in a calming mask ! It is also advised to use it right when it gets out of the fridge, for a chilling effect.
Of course LUSH masks are supposed to last approximately a month, but being two using it, it lasted us for about twenty days.


The how-to is easy : we put on the face a good layer of the product. Simple. In practice, not so much but we’ll get right back at that in a minute !

Our first impression was overall positive : the product smells very good, totally the scent of a yogurt, and it was a real pleasure. It felt also pretty fresh, like it was supposed to and on an irritated skin (like mine on some bad days) it is a welcome feeling.

Now, about the application.. well, it is cold, so at first, it is kind of surprising, whether it being on the fingers or on the face. And when you get used to it, it becomes obvious it is difficult to apply the mask because of its consistence : it is thick, hard because of its time in the fridge, and it is not easy to take bits of it to use.
The second time we used it, we let it rest a bit outside to get an easier application.
Also, the need to put on a good layer of the product : because it is hard to apply, it is impossible to get an even layer on the face ; this way you avoid holes more easily.

After the application, you are supposed to wait around ten, fifteen minutes to rinse it off. It is ten, fifteen minutes we had hoped to use in a good way, but it soon became obvious any movement was prohibited.
The mask dries really quickly on the face, and like mentioned before, contains clay. As a result, it crumbles.
At first, it is only clay dust. Then, half your face falls down. You’re welcome.


You also have to rinse it off correctly. Pay attention to any « hairy » area : on your forehead near your hair, your eyebrows.. where the mask tends to get stuck.
We also used a moisturiser the first day, but it is not mandatory, and we did not feel the need to use it the other times either.

Afterward, the skin feels really smooth and even gets a little powdery finish.
I still want to try Cupcake, but our first experience with LUSH masks was pleasing. I totally want to get another mask to try and use and to compare it. B. thinks it was good yet not a miracle : it is rather simple to use and everyone can do so easily. It can also be a good thing in a routine, but the crumbling effect was not of her taste.

Do not hesitate to tell us your opinions if you have tried it !
LUSH Fresh Face Masks are available at your local LUSH store or on LUSH website, for 11€45/75g.

M. & B.

We tested for you : the brand Nars.

When we went to Sephora a couple of days ago, we had the opportunity to test the brand NARS thanks to one of their makeup artists.

Here are the products used on both of us and the impressions we had !

Let’s start with M., who had a little « femme fatale » makeover.
She started with the Sheer Matte foundation, in the Vallauris shade. It’s a medium with pink undertones. She then added the Luster blush, apricot with golden sheen, and the Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder in Translucent Crystal (only existing « shade »), used to fix and embellish make-up.
On her lips she put the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in the Pop Life shade, a sweet but vivid red with a hint of orange. Onto the eyes, the NARS Larger Than Life Mascara and the Via Appia Larger Than Life Long Lasting Eye-Liner (yes, the name is this long, but for those of you who are still reading, know it’s a copper-y brown) were applied, then the Salzburg Brow Perfector.
M.’s favorite product was the lip pencil, because it was real matte, one of the best she saw, with the super-duper red color she often loves ; it was also, strangely for her, soft to apply when she expected the pencil to be a little sharp. She also liked the liner, but the color was not really a surprise and we could surely find a dupe somewhere.
On the other hand she was not fond of the Brow Perfector because it was not well applied by the artist, so the result got a bit spoiled when in the sunlight ; but seeing as it was not because of the product itself, she is not going to judge it nor stay on her first impression !

M's NARS make up

As for myself, she opted for a nude makeup. Here we go !
She applied on my face a mix of two Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizers, Groenland Light 3 (light medium with a neutral pink to peachy undertone), and Alaska Light 2 (light with a neutral balance of pink and yellow undertones) and a concealer, but I sadly can not remember the shade. I loved the moisturizers because they were covering yet light enough for my liking, as I don’t like to « cake myself » in layers of makeup. As they have a SPF30, I bet they are perfect for Spring and Summer, when all you need is a small boost !
I tested the absolutely-perfect-or-so-at-least-I-think Orgasm blush, and it definitely is a win-win. I loved the shade (a bit of peachy is all I need) and the shimmer really is discreet. I know some girls have been disappointed by the actual « lack » of shimmer, but it gave me the perfect « after sex » glow it was supposed to. She fixed it all with the Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder as well.
She put the Satin Lip Pencil in the Rikugien shade, a nude pink, on my lips, which I regret a bit because I am not as fond as satins as I may appear. Otherwise the shade was great, a kinda old but colorful pink. I loved the texture too, it was soft and it did not seem difficult for her to apply.
On my eyes she applied the Matte Eyeshadow Sophia, a cool brown, at the external corner and then used Abyssinia, a delicate pearl with a pinky sheer, to stretch Sophia all over my eyelid. Then again, the Larger Than Life Mascara and Salzburg Brow Perfector were used.

B's NARS make up
B's NARS make up

To sum it up, this was a great experience and we appreciated the products. Unfortunately, we were not fond of the technics used, and think it would be good to try the brand out all by ourselves. Nevertheless, we keep in mind some products, such as the powder, our little crush of the day.
For those of you interested, you can also find the brand on their website among others, and in your local Sephora stores.

We hope you enjoyed this little review, see you soon !

B. & M.

[Review] Continuous Strength treatment by Sally Hansen

So I’ve been trying out Sally Hansen Continuous Strength treatment for the past week. My nails were really done, so I thought a little break would be a good thing ! This treatment got some good reviews, from what I have read, so I decided to try it out.

To start, I cut my nails short. I am not used at all to do this, I do not like the feeling of cutting nails, but when there is a need, there is a need. And cutting them can only help me having stronger nails after !

I have so began my cure on the evening of the 21st of February, and for more regularity decided to apply it between 9pm and 10pm each day. I used the same pattern as a lot of nail treatments : putting a coat of it each day for two days, removing it all on the third, and doing the cycle again. I somehow changed the pattern though, by applying a coat for three days, removing it the morning on the fourth to start the cycle again in the evening, to let my nails rest for at least twelve hours ; but it was my personal choice, many people are very content with the three-day cycle.

Here are some pictures of the first night :
the quality isn’t that good, nor the lightning. « night », I said, alright?

First night

I don’t find the smell strong if you’re not smelling it right off of the bottle, but I know some people out there do. Despite it, I got a bit of a headache after using it for the very first time, but I don’t know if it was a Placebo effect after reading some reviews, or if it was the smell bothering me for real. Still, I’m pretty used to headache in general, but I was fine all the other nights.

sixth night, enjoy! Still a pretty bad quality/lightning, sorry.


Otherwise, the treatment dries very fast, which can be useful. The clear formula doesn’t make the nails very shinny, but we have to keep in mind it is not a base coat but only a care ; still, I find it enough when you do not want to nor can put any polish on (like me for now) but on the other hand cannot bear bare nails (like me, for ever).

And now, the results !
sorry about the quality of the first picture, once again. I kind of messed up with the camera.


I’ve been using this non-stop for twelve days now. My nails grew back, and I can feel them stronger. Of course, it is not all perfect yet : some are still a bit broken, but I needed to let them grow back a bit to cut again. Some are still not fully healed, obviously. Some are still a little bit more fragile than others.

But, I am on the path to recovery ! I’m gonna keep using the treatment for a good ten days or so (probably until my brithday, mid-March), just to be sure. I am also going to take an appointment at a beautician, to have them do me a little manicure to get all my nails filed the same way and to the same length.

To conclude this little test, I would say to use this treatment : I certainly think it is a good one. There are probably better ones out there, and I might try others if needed and not stay stuck on the Sally Hansen, but this one suited me perfectly and the results on my nails are pleasant to see !

But you need to remember one thing above all : it is all about the patience to do a full treatment. It has been hard for me to stop putting nail polish for so long, and it is harder on the days I don’t have the treatment and see my nails totally naked. But it was needed, so if you got poor-looking, broken, fragile nails ? Do a treatment.


LUSH Gorgeous & Charity Pot.

Hey there !

It has been a while we did not come and upload a bit, but I had exams and M. was really busy. We are here today to talk about two LUSH creams: Gorgeous and Charity Pot.

We bought Charity Pot for the first time two weeks ago. It is described as « an all-round body lotion that does a lot of good, and not just to your skin ». All the benefits made from this cream directly go to charity, hence the name.
The first thing I noticed about it, and I seriously thought I was going crazy, is its smell. I could swore it smelled like chocolate ! Looking at the pot more carefully, I noticed Fair trade cocoa butter. One for you LUSH ! They also indicate Ylang ylang oil and almond oil as part of the product.
The cream is soft, and the chocolate scent vanishes as soon as it dries up. It makes me come to say the cream really is rich, and regarding it’s a body lotion, I personnally love to put it on my legs after shaving, or on dry hands in Winter.
It comes at a bit less than 8.5€/100, in three packagings : 10g, 95g, or 240g.

As for Gorgeous, it is also a very rich moisturiser. You will see when you use it, but a knob really is enough. In plus it is an antioxidant. Described as « the ultimate moisturiser packed with the very best ingredients to revive and brighten », it is made from pineapples, limes and oranges, orange blossom honey water and neroli essential oil. It is absolutely exquisite ! It is really soft and the smell is very light and discret. It leaves you, you can guess, feeling absolutely gorgeous ! I love putting it on my face after removing my make-up and before going to sleep ! My face feels immediately smooth, and it is a real pleasure !
It is on the other hand much more expensive than Charity Pot, coming at approximately 135.5€/100g, but it can be used up to two or three months (I think it can last longer but it might not be very good to the product).

To sum it up, I would say I recommend Charity Pot if you have a small budget, wish to donate to charity and get a kind of bonus, or want an all-in-one cream, but to choose Gorgeous if your budget is larger and you need a very nourishing cream for your face ; both could also be turned into a great gift idea !

We will come back sooner this time, we hope you enjoyed this article !

B. & M.

[TAG] Would you rather – beauty

Hello !

Here is our first video. It is the tag Would you rather (beauty). We hope you enjoy it as much as we did while filming ! If there is any tag or video you want us to do, ask us please.

And you can check the video’s description for more information !

B. & M.


Salut !

Voici notre première vidéo, et il s’agit du tag Would you rather (beauty), c’est-à-dire un petit Préféreriez-vous en catégorie beauté. On espère que ça vous plaira tout autant que ça nous a plu de filmer ça ! Si vous avez un tag ou une vidéo que vous aimeriez nous voir faire, n’hésitez pas à nous le dire !

Lisez la description de la vidéo pour plus d’infos !

B. & M.

Looking back on 2013.

This is a kind of late Christmas gift. We hope you enjoy and have fun reading how we lived our 2013 year. See you in 2014 !

What did you do in 2013 that you’d never done before?

B. : Piercing my cartilage.
M. : Seeing my favorite band at a show.

Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year?

B. : I don’t remember them, I make mid-year’s resolutions and never stick to them for more than a week.
M. : I haven’t made any this/last year (2013), so.

Did anyone close to you give birth?

B. : Nope.
M. : Nop.

Did anyone close to you die?

B. : No, but it has been a year since I lost my father.
M. : My godmother.

What countries did you visit?

B. : Italy.
M. : Same.

What would you like to have in 2014 that you lacked in 2013?

M. : Moneeeeey.
B. : Same. Or fame, or a private shopping spree, or a call from Jennifer Lawrence.

What dates from 2013 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?

M. : January the 4th, when B. and I got together. September the 7th, when I was in Paris for Paramore’s show.
B. : For the aforesaid reasons, the same dates, plus July the 16th, for Thirty Seconds To Mars’s gig in Nice. July the 13th, Cory Monteith.

What was your biggest achievement of the year?

M. : Passing the first year of my English degree.
B. : Passing the first year of my English & Psychology degrees. 

What was your biggest failure?

B. : Not getting over the things I said I would. Plus, I spent all my money.
M. : Not having eaten more CHEESE !

Did you suffer illness or injury?

B. : Yes. The scar in my back from previous operations got infected and I had to get operated on again to remove my prosthetics.
M. : I passed out two weeks ago at school, and even if it was nothing, I gladly would have done without it.

What was the best thing you bought?

B. : My computer ! (And tickets for the shows we went to together, obviously.)
M. : Tickets for a French musical, 1789, Les Amants de la Bastille. And this year’s Christmas gift for my girlfriend.

Whose behaviour merited celebration?

B. : J.K. Rowling, Chris Colfer and Jennifer Lawrence for thinking about others before themselves.
M. : My friends for staying with me even when I was a bitch *clap clap*. And Jennifer Lawrence’s behaviour.

Whose behaviour made you appalled?

B. : Justin Bieber, by default.
M. : Lorde. Sorry not sorry.

Where did most of your money go?

B. : Where do I start ? I’d say Starbucks, food, nailpolishes and all these kinds of things.
M. : Nailpolishes. And rent. Unfortunately.

What did you get really, really, really excited about?

B. : The gigs and Doctor Who 50th anniversary.
M. : Klaine’s engagement. And gigs. Lot of gigs. And girlfriend stuff.

What song will always remind you of 2013?

B. : Don’t Stop Believin’. Or Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.
M. : Sorry, by Naya Rivera, or any version of Let It Go.

Compared to this time last year, are you : (a) happier or sadder? (b) thinner or fatter? (c) richer or poorer?

B. : Happier. I think I weight the same and I am as broke as I was.
M. : Happier, thinner, and sososo poor.

What do you wish you’d done more of?

B. : My life. I wish I had done more with and of my life.
M. : Eat more cheese, again. And work, I always expect to do more than I actually do.

What do you wish you’d done less of?

B. : Procrastinating.
M. : Getting to bed very late on school nights..

How did you spend Christmas?

B. : Christmas Eve with my family and the 25th with M. and hers.
M. : I was for Christmas Eve with my parents & siblings, and for the 25th, with all of my family, girlfriend of course included.

Did you fall in love in 2013?

B. : No, I was already in love.
M. : I fell way before.

What was your favorite TV program?

B. : Doctor Who.
M. : Glee.

Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year?

B. : One of my workmates.
M. : I don’t really hate people. I only dislike them very much and consequently, bitch about them an awful lot.

What was the best book you read?

B. : Except for the re-reads, I’d say The Host, The Mortal Instruments, or Percy Jackson.
M. : The Hunger Games. I knew the saga before, of course, but I think in comparaison of the other books I’ve read, it will stay from far the best. Or The Host, but same story.

What was your greatest musical discovery?

B. : Paramore. Of course I knew some of their songs (half a dozen, the best known) but discovering them live turned me into a real Parawhore.
M. : Saez, I more or less knew him before but I listened to all of his albums & songs before his gig at Nice this year, so I really learned to like him.

What did you want and get?

M. : Starbucks coffee shop right in my city. It’s a good change, I don’t need to go to another town to get good chocolates or teas.

What did you want and not get?

B. : Another Sèche-Vite, and time to take time.
M. : Sherlock BBC, season three.

What was your favourite film of this year?

M. : Catching Fire or Frozen. And Blue Is The Warmest Color.
B. : Pretty much the same, except I’d replace BITWC by The Host and add Imogen (now Girl Most Likely).

What one thing made your year immeasurably more satisfying?

B. : My girlfriend.
M. : My girlfriend. Living with her.

How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2013?

B. : A bit of everything mixed to my liking.
M. : A bit of rock in the city-life.

What kept you sane?

B. : My girlfriend and the hope she gives me.
M. : My girlfriend. I had to be for her to stay calm and stop stressing.

Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?

B. : Jennifer Lawrence. David Tennant. Jared Leto. Demi Lovato.
M. : Chris Colfer. Misha Collins. Selena Gomez.

What political issue stirred you the most?

B. : Discrimination made legal throughout the world (yes, I’m talking to you Russia, same-sex marriage opponents, sexists, and all this kind of people).
M. : Same-sex marriage in France.

Who did you miss?

B. : My father.
M. : My best-friend.

Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2013.

B. : Love conquers it all.
M. : Humor sucks. Important point, not all people get jokes.

Quote a song lyric that sums up your year.

B. : Turn away and slam the door, I don’t care what they’re going to say.
M. : We can head down this moutain together, you don’t have to live in fear, cause for the first time in forever, I will be right here.

B. & M.

[Outfit of the Day] Christmas 2013.

Hello sweeties ! Today we will do a little #OotD for this year’s Christmas !
You in? So let’s go !


This year, I decided to stay classy with a long black & white dress.
You can notice the holes perking at the sides and the décolleté, that I found very glamorous because it really helps lengthen the silhouette, alongside the skirt. The skirt, that is itself very long : you couldn’t see my feet at all if I was not wearing my 5.12-inch high heel pumps from Mim (29€99) to finish the outfit.
While I bought it in a local store in Nice (France) I noticed some similar dresses with this kind of cut this year, so I’m sure you can find it nearly everywhere this season.


B. favored black & gold leather-like trousers (she had some in her wardrobe already, that she got from a local store a couple years ago) and paired it with a matching top from Jennyfer (19€99). She also bought the bright gold 4-inch heels (25€99) and, months ago, the blazer (29€99) from them.

And now, to the make-up ! Don’t be scared of the close-ups coming.. The light is slightly different on the two pictures, we’re sorry in advance.


For the make-up, I was wearing three colors from the Sephora Color-Up Store palette from last year : one glittering light grey eyeshadow and over it, the white/silvery eye top coat. I also put another grey eyeshadow, darker but still with glitter dust, on the outer corner of my eyes to add some depth. I coated my lashes with Le Volume mascara from Chanel (10, Black, 29€90) & added some Nano Eyeliner from Sephora (01, Midnight Black, 4€90), on my waterline mainly.
For the lips, I chose a lipstick from Miss Cop : it’s a bright pink, with an awesome creamy texture, that I softened a bit here (30, Rose Dragon, less than 5€ at Saga Cosmetics).

To complete the outfit, I wore four silver large hoop earrings from Moa (6€95).

I on the picture have my hair free and curly, but my hairstyle was slightly different for Christmas Eve : I indeed straightened them for the evening, and only went with the curls on the 25th, when the shoot was taken.


B. on the other hand, did a smoky eye with the Smoky #1 Kit, after having previously used the Photo Face eyeshadow primer, both from Smoss, a sub-brand of Saga Cosmetics. She used the four colors of the palette but decided to applied the black tone with a beveled eyeliner brush to be more precise. At the end, she used a Kiko Vivid Eyes kohl from the Colors in the World collection (04, Green Apple Black, 7€90) and the mascara Eyes Right from Lush (14€95).
She finished the look with a bit of blush from Yves Rocher (11, Teint clair abricoté, 13€20), a red Miss Cop lipstick (20, Poivron rouge) and the solid perfume Love, once again from Lush (around 10/15€).

And to match her outfit, B. as well bought some jewelry from Moa : an earhanger (5€95), some earrings from this pack (8€95) and a necklace (we couldn’t find it on the website, it looks like this one but was at 6€95 instead).
The headband (5€95) is also from that store, and used to do a princess roll updo.

We know it is a bit late to use it for Christmas but it could be useful for New Year’s Eve. Tell us what kind of look was yours for Santa Claus’s coming !

M. & B., writer & little search engine user !

Where are you, and who is Madie ?


Here you are on Madie’s blog. We are Madie. « We » stands for Mags -the redhead- & Blondie -the brunette. We are a couple and we are fascinated by cosmetics, music, and food (and many other things we won’t talk about on this blog).

This is an insight in our everyday life, week-nailpolish challenges, constant hairdyings, and obsession with fashion of all kinds.

Take a seat and enjoy your stay ! 🙂

M. & B.


Ici, vous êtes sur le blog de Madie. Nous sommes Madie. « Nous » c’est Mags -la rousse- & Blondie -la brune. Nous somme un couple fascinée pour les cosmétiques, la musique, et la nourriture (et bien plus de choses dont nous ne parleront pas sur ce blog).

Ceci est un aperçue sur notre vie de tous les jours, nos défis hebdomadaires de manucures, nos colorations constantes, et notre obsession avec la mode dans tous ses états.

Prenez à un siège, accrochez-vous, et appréciez le voyage ! 🙂

M. & B.